Debian on USB stick and other media.

Dutch version here

I can deliver media (most of the time USB sticks) with Debian. That can be the installer or Debian Live, but I can also make a real installation on what you can work. Also the live media can be configured as you like. Down here are some standard products, please ask me for custom products. I can deliver all architectures on many media.

A normal 8GB USB3-stick with the official Debian stable netinstaller 32/64 bits costs 15 euro. An USB-stick with Debian live or the first 64-bits DVD costs 20 euro. The shipping fee FAT over it is 0,88 euro for inside the Netherlands, and 1,51 euro for the rest of the world for one stick.

If you want I can use fast or big USB-sticks. You can also send me your USB stick or other media.

When you pay a bit too much, I will send the rest to Debian. I will pay myself something to Debian too, per sold media.

Follow this link, to the main-page with contact information.

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